International Montessori School Sierra Leone


International Montessori School is a co-educational day school that caters for all races and creeds. The school has four distinct but interlinked sections. We are a non-sectarian school and the grades offered are Nursery/pre-school, kindergarten, and primary.


NURSERY (SENIOR AND JUNIOR BABIES): 9.00am to 12.00 noon

Pre-school: 8.00am to 1.00pm

Kindergarten (Lower and Upper Kindergarten) 8.00 am to 1.00pm

Primary Classes 1-6: 8.00am to 3.00pm

All classes will end on the scheduled time from Mondays to Thursdays.

Pre-school and lower Kindergarten will close on FRIDAYS at 12.00 noon while

Upper kindergarten and Primary classes will close at 1.00 pm on FRIDAYS





Proper clothing is of great importance to the healthy development of the young child. Our climate is very warm and often most children are in an air-conditioned space then exposed to the heat and then back into an air-conditioning space. We advise that children should be dressed in an appropriate light clothing. A change of clothes is needed and can be kept in a cloth bag at school. All clothes and shoes must be clearly labeled with the child’s name.


All books and writing materials are provided by the school. Hard cover Text book materials are to be returned to the school at the end of school year in a good condition. Work book and activities are kept by the pupils.

The school shall provide toiletries such as toilet rolls, tissues, hand washing liquids. Diapers and wipes for the children who are not trained must be provided by parents and also they must ensure that each child has enough diaper change for each day.



Each child should be dropped off and collected by the parents, nannies or a family member. Parent should inform the school of this arrangement.

Please do remember to notify the school about changes regarding the nannies, drivers etc.



Snacks time is a social occasion, children are encouraged to bring in healthy snacks and drinks. We recommend that a portion of fruit or vegetable of choice be packed. Each lunch pack must be accompanied by enough water. This means that you must ensure your child has enough drinking water.

(Juice, soft drinks or any sugary drinks are forbidden in the school's premises.)



Toys, books and treasures sometimes come to visit us at school they are better kept at home. But should your child have a special toy which he/she wants to bring to along, it will be kept in the cubbies to go home later.



A child who has not slept well or who is not feeling well need to kept at home at home. It is the responsibility of the parents to inform the school of any illness or symptoms which can easily be passed on to other children, therefore in such cases the child should be kept at home until he/she feel better.

The school cannot give medication of any sort to your child. If your child is on any medication and has to come to school, then an authorization form must be completed by the parents.







The current fee listing should be confirmed with the school.

All fees are payable in two installments, in the first semester which start in September and in the second semester which start in January.

NOTE: Fees are quoted in U.S dollars and are also payable in Leones and at the exchange rate provided by the school.


If at anytime you have question or concern regarding your child please contact the school and time can be arranged for discussions.



These extra curricular classes are held during after school hours in the school's premises. Information on these activities are available in the school.


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